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 Rosalina Baro,

An Experience She Will Never Forget

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from a November 2, 2004 interview by Christopher James Gica Aldeguer with Rosalina Baro. She is an amazing woman who remembers many incidents from the past during World War II and how her and her family were able to cope with it.  This woman then becomes a Jehovah’s Witness creating a great influence in her and her families’ lives.

Rosalina Baro, born in Lubao, Pampanga,  was 21 years old in this picture.


1. High school

2. The affect of the war

3. Jehovah’s Witness

4. Life in America

Other Topics:

World War II

The Fall of the Philippines

Pearl Harbor

U.S. helps the Philippines

Answers About Jehovah’s Witness

Facts about Jehovah’s Witness

Filipinos in the U.S. Navy



  1. The first thing she remembers from the war was the attack of the Japanese.  This incident happened during her high school years. 

                       (highschoolexperienceduringthewar.mp3)                213 KB

2. Many of her high school acquaintances did not respond the attack as a threat not until the Japanese just started killing because they would never think that the Philippines would actually be attacked by Japan.

                             (Affecttowardsthehighschoolstudent.mp3)             292 KB


                                    The Fall of the Philippines

  1. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invaded the Philippines because there were U.S. bases on the island of Luzon.

                       (the Japanese wanting the Philippines.mp3)                                767 KB

  1. Rosalina had to hide in caves when they heard hat the Japanese are attacking.

                       (attackofthejapanese.mp3)                                                            317 KB

  1. Employment was different in the Philippines because of the influence of the war.

                             (employment of the Filipinos.mp3)                                              798 KB

  1. Rosalina’s family would be able to survive during the air raid because they had everything prepared.

                       (what they did of the air raid.mp3)                                               985 KB

  1. During the attack of the Japanese, they had to feed themselves throughout their whole wait inside where they were.

                       (what they ate during the attack.mp3)                                          985 KB

  1. The Japanese made the Filipinos suffer throughout the whole invasion because most Filipinos were pro-American.

                       (what japanese did to the filipinos.mp3)                                      301 KB

  1. My family saved a little baby from death by nurturing the stab wounds that the Japanese did.

                       (her husband rescued a baby that had been stabbed.mp3)         1025 KB

  1. The Japanese also raped many Filipino women ending up with Japanese kids.

                       (the affect of the Japanese.mp3)                                                  699 KB

  1. The end of the war of 1945.

                       (theendofthewar.mp3)                                                                 344 KB

  1. How the U.S. helped the Philippines recover from the war.

                       (the US helping the Philippines.mp3)                                          682 KB

  1. After the help of the U.S., the Philippines wanted independence.

                       (after the PI liberation.mp3)                                                        304 KB


 (Answers to questions you might have)

dead kids' pictures on May 22, 1994 AWAKE! cover



  1. Rosalina then became a Jehovah’s Witness including most of her side of the family.

                       (becoming a JW.mp3)                                                                  418 KB

  1. Her explanation of the creation of life through the eyes of the Jehovah’s Witness’ views.

                       (Jehovahscreationoflife.mp3)                                                      285 KB

  1. She then describes their experience with discrimination of Jehovah’s Witness.

                       (discrimination against Jehovah.mp3)                                         797 KB

  1. Rosalina then describes the difference between Christianity and Jehovah’s Witness and why following Jehovah is the correct path.

                       (differencebetweenchristianandjw.mp3)                                     464 KB

  1. The reason she chose Jehovah’s Witness over the majority Christian Catholics in the Philippines.

                       (why chose JW than catholic.mp3)                                            204 KB


  1. The family were all able to come to America because of her son who went into the U.S. Navy.

                       (howtheycametoamerica.mp3)                                                   328 KB

  1. Her son being in the Navy really helped them live a better life.

                       (her son being in the Navy.mp3)                                              1193 KB

  1. How it was easy for her and her husband to fit in with the Americans without any experience of racism.

                       (fittinginwithamericans.mp3)                                                     722 KB

  1. Where she lived after becoming an American citizen.

                       (becominganamericancitizen.mp3)                                             302 KB

  1. She describes her husband’s job and how he loses it.

                       (her husband getting a job then losing it.mp3)                           722 KB

6.  Where her husband’s family is from and when he died.

                       (the death of her husband.mp3)                                                 424 KB

  1. After all she has been through, she lives a happy life because of what she learned from her past experiences and the help of her belief in Jehovah.

                       (herhappinessinamerica.mp3)                                                    612 KB


Rosalina Baro now lives in Daly City, CA as a wonderful grandmother who loves all her children and grandchildren and will never leave her house without a smile because she says that Jehovah will lead her into a realm of happiness.




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