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An Interview with Tallulah

Click here to read the research essay, An Interview with Tallulah by Ray Bautista

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2007 interview by Ray Bautista with Tallulah, Co-Host of TFC’s Speak Out

Tallulah of Speak Out


Table of Contents:

1. Intro

2.  Past And Present Jobs


3. Major And Brazil


4. Tagalog Difficulties


5. Culture Shock


6. Culture Shock Continue


7. Philippines And American Education


8. Speak Out


9. Talllulahs’ Favorite Speak Out Topics


 10. Filipino American Community




Segment 1
The Intro (994 KB)
Tallulah Dae David talks about how her family came to America


Tallulah studying in Berkeley



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Segment 2
Past And Present Jobs (2.26 MB)
Tallulahs’ old jobs include working at Eastwind Bookstore, and also at Barnes and Noble. She likes working in bookstores so she can have good discounts on school books and books for her collection at home. She gives a brief description of her show Speak Out.

This is Oprah’s book of the month

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Segment 3

Major And Brazil (2.12 MB)
Tallulah talks about her major, Development Studies. Her major included her studying abroad in Brazil for a year.

Ordem de Progresso (Order and Progression)




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Segment 4
Tagalog Difficulties (1.44 MB)
Tallulah talks about the difficulties of learning a new language and how much harder it is to relearn your native language

Kumsta Ka



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Segment 5
Culture Shock (1.72 MB)
The biggest culture shock was the unequal gender division in Philippines.


First year back from Philippines




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Segment 6
Culture Shock Continues (1.67 MB)
Another culture shock Tallulah experienced growing up was the poverty in the Philippines




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Segment 7
Difference Between Philippines and American Education System (2.24 MB)
The most note able difference between Philippines and American education system is the quantity and quality amount of work you have to do in Philippine. Tallu;ah said that most teachers in Philippines check the amount of notes you write and the way they teach the class lacks creativity. 



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Segment 8
Speak Out (2.16 MB)
Speak Out is a debate show that discusses issues like teen pregnancy, gay marriages, religion. The show is intended for Filipino American college students and families in hopes that they start discussions between their friends and families.


Tallulah and JC, host of TFCs’ Speak Out


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Segment 9
Tallulah’s Favorite Speak Out Topics (1.44 MB)
Some of Tallulah’s favorite topics are gay marriages, premarital sex, pornography, and the most heated debate being vegetarianism vs. omnivores.


Speak Out, the only Filipino American town hall program.


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Segment 10

Filipino American Community And Speak Out (1.65 MB)

Filipino American Community the Silent Community of model minorities


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Random Picture of Tallulah 


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