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“Making the Move: Marcela Duff”
Interviewer: Ciana David
English 165/LSCI 110

Click here to read the research essay: “Post 1965 Filipino Immigration” by Ciana David

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from a November 2004 interview by Ciana David with her grandmother, Marcela Duff, about life during World War II, and immigration to the United States of America.
Marcela Duff came to the U.S. from the Philippines in 1965 to settle in the San Francisco Bay Area.

(Marcela Duff revisiting the Philippines after almost 30 years)


1. As a Young Child in the Philippines

2. School Days

3. Surviving World War II

4. Losing My Father

5. Rebuilding After the War

6. Attending Centro Escolar

7. The Family Business

8. Meeting My Husband

9. Leaving the Homeland

10. Life In a New Country

11. Being a Single Mother

12. Life in Review


Segment 1

As a Young Child in the Philippines 

What life was like in the Philippines during the 1930’s and 1940’s.


Segment 2

School Days 

How she was able to enroll herself into a public school at the age of seven.


Segment 3

Surviving World War II

What life was like in the Philippines while the Japanese Army was trying to overtake the country.


Segment 4

Losing My Father

How Marcela’s father died while he was a Filipino guerilla helping the U.S. military.


Segment 5

Rebuilding After the War

What it was like to return from temporary shelters to her hometown.


Segment 6

Attending Centro Escolar

Attending a prestigious all girls college.


Segment 7

The Family Business

The family business was a small restaurant name after her mother.


Segment 8

Meeting My Husband

How my grandmother and grandfather met and got married.


Segment 9

Leaving the Homeland

What is was like to leave your home and children to pursue a better life.


Segment 10

Life In a New Country

Adjusting to life in the United States was not an easy task for an immigrant family.


Segment 11

Being a Single Mother

Marcela speaks about raising five children on her own.


Segment 12

Life in Review

How Marcela feels about her life today.


(Marcela Duff trying to snorkel in the beaches of Palawan, Philippines near the family vacation home.)


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