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Growing Up Strong as a Migrant Worker: Concepcion Jacuinde

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 6, 2008 interview by Adrian Gomez with Concepcion Jacuinde, who is Adrian’s grandmother.

Concepcion Jacuinde


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Early Life

3. The Snake

4. Areas of Work

5. Reasons for Working

6. California

7. Grandpa Joe

8. Going to Salinas

9. Ethnic Groups

10. Filipino Workers

11. Friends

12. Reflection

13. Regrets? / Education

14. Why?

15. Conclusion

Extra. Kids Work




1. Introduction (1:06)
Concepcion Jacuinde. Born January 2, 1945 in Rio Hondo Texas


Concepcion with siblings, friends and great grandmother looking on. (1955)


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2. Early Life
How life was like growing up.



Riding on the bus with church members (1950)


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3. The Snake
A short story that occurred while she was traveling during work.



Josephina Guajardo (Concepcion’s mother-age 25)




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4. Areas of Work
The areas she would work


Concepcion (age 8)




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5. Reasons for Working
The reasons Concepcion and her family had to work


Josephina’s parents-Maria &Lauro (field contractor)


    Trinidad Sauceda (Concepcion’s father-age 25)




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6. California (1:55)
When and why the family moved to California


Concepcion (age 15)



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7. Grandpa Joe (1:11)
 A description of who Jose De Los Santos was


Jose De Los Santos



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8. Going to Salinas
Concepcion tells why her mother and stepfather moved to Salinas, CA



Josephina & Jose De Los Santos.1991- Salinas, CA



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9. Ethnic Groups (1:14)
Which ethnic groups were involved in field work


10. Filipino Workers (1:26)

Working alongside Filipinos 


11. Friends  (0:59)
Some friends are made through years of work


12. Reflection (1:52)

A look back at life’s work

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13. Regrets? / Education (2:22)

If there were any regrets doing labor work, and how an education really matters.


14. Why? (2:44)

Why minority groups are the majority who do field work


15. Conclusion (1:40)


Extra- Kids Working

Did Concepcion’s children ever do the same type of work she did?




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