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Analise Suguitan

Click here to read to read the research essay, “Third Generation Filipino”, by Arpana Kansal

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an October 2005 interview
by Arpana with Analise Suguitan, who talked about her life as a third generation Filipino.

Analise Suguitan with her at her home with her dog Jazz.


Table of Contents:
1. Segment 1
2. Segment 2

3. Segment 3

4. Segment 4

5. Segment 5

6. Segment 6

7. Segment 7

Segment 1
Segment 1 Audio
(640 KB)
”Tell me about what it is like being a third generation Filipino?”





Segment 2
Segment 2 Audio
(877 KB)
The balance between being American and Filipino.





Segment 3
Segment 3 Audio
(508 KB)
Learning and coping with her Filipino heritage. 





Segment 4
Segment 4 Audio
(403 KB)
Does the book you are writing reflect your life?





Segment 5
Segment 5 Audio
(438 KB)
”What do you want to teach Filipino children through your stories?”





Segment 6
Segment 6 Audio
(326 KB)
After finding your ‘place’; do you believe you’ve found the ‘American Dream’?





Segment 7
Segment 7 Audio
(582 KB)
 “I don’t really know what it(American Dream) is.”  


Analise holding a photo of her grandfather.



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