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Interview with Nate Nevado

Click here to read to read the research essay, Interview with Nate Nevado, by Kevin Lau.

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from a November 2005 interview by Kevin Lau with Nate Nevado.
Nate has devoted his life and current work toward helping Filipino Youth achieve their academic and personal goals.


Man on a Mission




Table of Contents:


1. Growing up on the Move

2. Difficulty Growing Up

3. What it Means to be Filipino

4. Why Nate Moves to San Francisco

5. Programs Nate is Involved in Today

6. What Students Need to be Successful Academically.

7. How Nate got Into Counseling

8. What Causes Filipino Youth Struggling in School

9. Nate Hopes to Get a Community Center Open



Segment 1
Growing Up on the Move (306 KB) Length: 1:44

Nate talks about his childhood and how he moved around a great deal growing up. He also talks about his educational background.




Segment 2
Difficulty Growing Up (139 kb) Length: 0:47
Nate discusses his struggles growing up, making and losing friends.  From this struggle he finds his passion in life to help others.




Segment 3
What it Means to be Filipino (950 KB) Length: 5:23
Nate talks about what it means to be Filipino.  This depended on where he grew up as a child.  If there were no Filipinos growing up with him, there was a sense of identity confusion, but moving to a school with Filipinos gave him a better sense Filipino identity. 




Segment 4
Why Nate Moves to San Francisco (194 KB)  Length 1:05

Nate talks about how the culmination of his struggles led him to San Francisco. San Francisco could provide him with a place to begin his lifes work to help others.



Segment 5
Programs Nate is Involved in Today (414 KB) Length 2:20
Nate describes his work and the positions he holds today.  He talks about the need to expand the programs to help more students, especially to City College of San Francisco. He also talks about why Filipino youth have trouble academically and what needs to be done to change the trends.




Segment 6
What Students Need to be Successful Academically (320 KB) Length: 1:48
Nate talks about how students need support. He is motivated by bad experiences with counselors growing up and he feels he can make change by giving the vital support to students today.




Segment 7
How Nate Got into Counseling (549 KB)  Length: 3:06

Nate talks about the direction in his life that guided him toward counseling. 




Segment 8
What Causes Filipino Youth to Struggle Academically (749 KB)  Length: 4:18
Understanding how the education system works is very important.  Nate talks about how supporting and educating both students and parents will help Filipino youth succeed.




Segment 9
Nate Hopes to get a Comminity Center Open (333 KB)  Length: 1:53
Nate talks about building a community center in the future in Daly City.  Providing a place to learn about Filipino roots and culture is extremely important.






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