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An Interview with Fred Rivera

Click here to read to read the research essay, ďAn Interview with Fred RiveraĒ, by Maria Andrea Mallari

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2007 interview by Maria Andrea Mallari with Fred Rivera,
who talked about his life as a Filipino-American.



Lead Scientist @ Seton Medical Center


Table of Contents:

1. How they got to America

2. Living in America

3. America vs. Philippines

4. Returning Home

5. Fredís Family in the Philippines

6. Participating in a Filipino Tradition

7. Fredís Filipino colleague

8. The most important thing he learned in a Filipino Culture


Segment 1
How they got to America

Fred talks about how his mom found out about the ad that for only $50 they could come to the U.S.


Fredís Family in the U.S.



Segment 2
Living in America
Fred is happily living in the U.S.


U.S. Resident since 1969




Segment 3
America vs. Philippines
Fred learned to love America because he spends more years living in the U.S. compare to when he was in the Philippines.†††


Fred considers America as his home. Yet, he prefers Philippines for vacation.





Segment 4
Returning Home
Fred learned a lot of things from his family when he went to visit the Philippines.


Trip to the Philippines







Segment 5
Fredís Family in the Philippines
Spending time with his family in the Philippines is a fun experience.


Fred traveled to the Philippines frequently when he was young




Segment 6
Participating in a Filipino Tradition.
Fred is looking forward to his 50th Anniversary.


Fred is proud to participate in an incredible tradition like this.

Segment 7

Filipino Colleague

Fred works at Seton Medical Center; majority of the employees are Filipinos who grew up and finished their degree in the Philippines.


Seton Medical Scientist Staff





Segment 8
The Most Important Thing he learned from his culture.

 Fred believes that Filipinos are highly motivated in education.





Image sources: original pictures of Fred Rivera




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