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 Joyce Perez: The Struggle to Have a Better Life

By: Stacy Perez

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an October 2004 interview
Stacy Perez with Joyce Perez, who immigrated to the United States during her adolescence.

This is a picture of my mother, Joyce, before her graduation at Mission High School (S.F.),
where her parents could not attend, yet she still had a smile on her face


1. How It All Got Started
Joyce gives information about where she grew up in the Philippines and her family background.

2.Why I Moved To The United States.
Joyce talks about why her and her family moved to the United States and how they moved there.

3. How It Was Like To Live In The U.S.
The United States and the Philippines are two different countries in which she explains to me how different they were.

4. Adjusting To The New Place: The U.S.
Likewise, in order to feel comfortable living in the United States adjustments were made
and here Joyce explains to me what she went thru.

5. The Struggles That Came With Moving
Not only were there adjustments but she had to struggle a little in order to survive.

6. The Struggle Finally Pays Off
Trying to survive in the U.S. was hard, so Joyce worked a job for a long time…
Until she realized she was not getting paid what she was worth… So she started a business….

Joyce and one of her thirteen children at her day care (her business).


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