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Rikko Jay


Click on the play buttons below to view video segments from an April 2012 interview by Kyle R. with Rikko Jay,
who is 26 years old and grew up in the Philippines, but currently lives in San Francisco








Segment 1


Short introduction by Rikko Jay






Segment 2




Video Segment 2

History and brief story of family




Obligations + Petitioning


Video Segment 3


Brief story of how what his obligations were and how his mother fought for him






Segment 4

Leaving the Philippines


Video Segment 4

 Brief story of how Rikko Jay felt leaving his homeland






Segment 5
Roses and Chocolate


Video Segment 5

Life in America and how it isnŐt what everyone thinks it is







Segment 6


Dreams in America?

Video Segment 6


Rikko Jay describes his dreams and thoughts







Segment 7

Giving Up Items


Video Segment 7


Brief description on items given up.








Segment 8

Video Segment 8


Daly City


 Description of life in Daly City







Segment 9




Description of career in America






Segment 10  





Description on moving to a new country





Balikbyan Boxes


Segment 11


Story and info about balikbyan boxes










Segment 12




More info about his ability to be Petitioned                                            






Segment 13


Filipino Cultural Pride?


Segment 14



Description about his pride for his homeland






Differences between Filipinos?


Segment 15




Brief description on differences between Filipinos in America and the Philippines








Segment 16


Done Anything Different?


Provides info on what he would of liked to of done differently






Segment 17













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