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 Tatang and Ima

Click here to read to read the research essay, “Tatang and Ima”, by Maria Santos

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from a November 2005 interview by Maria Santos with Mr. & Mrs. Bartolome and Juanita Valete,
who migrated here in America and petitioned all of their children from the Philippines.

Picture was taken on their son’s wedding reception.


Table of Contents:
1. Birthplace  
2. Siblings

3. School

4. World War II

5. Growing Up

6. Life in the Philippines

7. How they met

8. Reason for coming to America

9. Coming to America

10. Life like in America

11. Work in America

12. Are you willing to stay in America?

13. Are you willing to retire here?

14. Final Message


Segment 1
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Birthplace_IMA (122 KB)


Segment 2
(82.8 KB)
Siblings_IMA (208 KB)


Segment 3
(416 KB)
School_IMA (476 KB)


Segment 4
World War II_IMA
(399 KB)


Segment 5
Growing Up_TATANG
(416 KB)
Growing Up_IMA (87.3 KB)



Segment 6
in the Philippines_TATANG

 (453 KB)
Life in the Philippines_IMA (343 KB)



Segment 7
(474 KB)
Children (147 KB)


 Segment 8
Reason for cominng to US_TATANG
(510 KB)
Reason for cominng to US_IMA (108 KB)
Description of segment 8 audio



Segment 9
Coming to America
(228 KB)


Segment 10
(83.33 KB)
Life_like_America2_IMA (122 KB)
Life_like_America_TATANG (455 KB)



Segment 11
(441 KB)
Work_America_IMA (510 KB)


Segment 12
Are you going to stay in America_IMA
(311 KB)
Are you going to stay in America_IMA (81 KB)
Are you going to stay in America_TATANG (269 KB)  



Segment 13
Retire in America_IMA
(311 KB)


Segment 14
Final Message_TATANG
(345 KB)
Final Message_IMA (457 KB)






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