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A life Journey with Fe Torres


Click on the links Below to hear audio segments from an April 2012 interview by Tyler Sison with Fe Torres,
who Immigrated from the Philippines to The United States of America



Fe (Gonzalez) Torres



Table of Contents:
1. Living in the Philippines
2. Living in the Philippines (Part 2)

3. Leaving the Philippines

4. Coming to America

5. Living in America

6. Looking Back



Living in the Philippines
This segment describes Fe Torres’s life in the Philippines before she came to America.

Many obstacles that came about, changed her complete outlook on life.




Living in the Philippines (Part 2)
This segment describes Fe Torres’s financial state while living in the Philippines

And more details of her life living and growing up in Manila.




Leaving the Philippines
This segment describes Fe Torres’s Feelings when she left the Philippine Islands.

Being with her personal story and experiences that she went through, her feelings

Result in a different outcome than average Filipino Immigrants.





Coming to America
“I thought America Was going to be “big city, nice city, Hollywood!”

In this portion of the interview, Fe Torre’s describes her experience

In moving to America to a small town called Merced,Ca.





Living in America
When Fe Torre’s First arrived to the United States, she wanted her husband to

Send her back home. Overtime she realized that she was spoiled back home in

The Philippines.








Looking Back
“I learned to have a really good family, and a supporting husband.

I’m really blessed and God knows your situation and what you’ve been

Through and in the end, he gave me a really good life. God gave me a lot of

Joy with my beautiful family and took the hurt and pain away.”


Closing Statement: “I Love my life.” –Fe Torres


Overall, Fe did not regret her decision to immigrate to America because of

The happiness that God has blessed her with. She wouldn’t trade it for the



















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