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An Interview with Lynda Salas Torres

Interview by Genevieve Torres Tiangco

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Table of Contents:


2. Linda’s Family Background

3. Growing Up In the Philippines

4. Age Linda Left the Philippines

5. Linda’s Reason for Leaving the Philippines

6. Linda’s First Impression of the United States

7. Did Linda Know Anyone in United States

8. Where Linda Settled When She Arrived in United States

9. Linda’s Life Experience In The United States

10. Linda Talks about Life in the Philippines vs. Life in the United States

11. Linda’s Recommendation for Filipinos & Filipino Americans

Who Are Struggling In the United States?

12. Genevieve’s CONCLUSION







Segment 1

Introduction (48 sec)

Introducing Lynda S. Torres







Segment 2
Linda’s Family Background (21sec)

Where Linda grew up, how many siblings she has.


The Torres Family


Starting top left to right is, Bong Torres, Ricardo Torres, Ramon Torres, Boy Torres, Rick Torres
Bottom left to right is Quintina S. Salas, Ponciano Torres, Leonila Torres Bruce, & Linda S.  Torres







Segment 3
Growing Up In The Philippines (1:05 MB)
Talks about her experience in the Philippines and a little bit about family values and how she was raised.






Segment 4
Age Linda Left the Philippines  (15sec)




Segment 5
Linda’s reason for leaving the Philippines (34 sec)
Linda shares her experience, strength and hope.                                                                                          





                                          Linda with her 3 girls and grandson


Mrs. Malynne Torres Gonzales, Genevieve Torres Tiangco,

Ruschelle Torres O’Donohue & Eugene Torres Escueta






Segment 6
Linda’s First Impression of  the U.S (1.16 MB)

Linda speaks about how she adjusted and her





Segment 7
Did Linda know anybody when she arrived in U.S. (36 sec)
Linda speaks about networking and who she knew in United States.



Mothers Day


Malynne Torres Gonzales, Leonila Torres Bruce, Ruschelle O’Donohue,

Lynda Salas Torres, Quintina Salas Torres and Vickie (Linda’s Friend)




Segment 8
Where Linda settled when she arrived in United States  (21 sec) 

Linda tells us we she lived when she arrived in the U.S.




Segment 9
Linda’s life experience in United States (49 sec)
shares what life was like for her in Unites States







Segment 10

Linda’s life in the Philippines Vs.  life in the United States

Linda tells us how different it life in the Philippines compare to the United States




Segment 11

Linda’s recommendation for any Filipinos & Filipino Americans

Who are struggling in the United States today.

Nothing in life should bring you down…


Segment 12

Genevieve’s CONCLUSION

The solution is…









Additional Photos of the Family…








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