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 “Taly” My Mother’s Journey to the States

Click here to read the research essay, “Goodbye Aklan, Hello America”, by Hazel Marte

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2010 interview by Hazel Marte with Natalia “Taly” Marte, who immigrated to America from the Philippines in search of a new life, while overcoming obstacles, learning life lessons, and growing into the person she is today.

intro pic.jpg

An old family photo booth picture of Natalia, husband Alfredo, nephew Kevin and only child Hazel taken in 1995


Table of Contents:
1. Life in the Province
2. Leaving Aklan

3. Coming to America

4. Making a Living

5. Working, Living, Growing

6. Reflections


Segment 1
Life in the Provinces
Natalia talks about the hard but relaxing simple life she had in the Philippines.



pic 1.jpg

Natalia and her relatives enjoying a day at the beach in Aklan Philippines




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Segment 2
Leaving Aklan
Natalia reminisces about what she missed most about Aklan Philippines but also explains her motives for leaving the Philippines for America.



pic 2.jpg

Natalia and her mother Vicenta before leaving for America


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Segment 3
Coming to America
Natalia speaks of the excitement as well as anxiousness she feels about her first experiences in America as well as her ambitions upon her arrival.



pic 3.bmp

Natalia (middle) in San Francisco with her mother, older brother Policarpio (in white),Bridges (in blue) and his family that she lived with upon first moving to the states.



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Segment 4
Making a Living
Natalia describes the multiple jobs she had worked before settling down in her recent stable job as a C.N.A. or (Certified Nursing Assistant)


pic 4.jpg

Natalia at he first job at an O’Nei Factory in 1989



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Segment 5
Working, Living, Growing
Natalia describes her dreams, aspirations, obstacles, and experiences that she had throughout her time life in America, but also of how she came to overcome, learn, and grow from these ordeals.



pic 5.jpg

Natalia and her niece Michelle (in chair), with her newborn baby Hazel in her arms taken in 1991




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Segment 6
Natalia reflects on her experiences and gives pieces of advice for those that aspire to immigrate to America as she did.



pic 6.jpg

A recent family picture taken in 2009 of Natalia, husband Alfredo, daughter Hazel, and dogs Sher (left) and Jacko (right)






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