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The Best of Both Worlds: Brian Reyes

Click here to read the research essay, “The Importance of Language”, by Francis Reyes

Click on the links below to view the video segments from an April 2009 interview by Francis Reyes with
Brian Reyes, who experienced living in both the Philippines and America.



Brian and Francis Reyes


Table of Contents:
1. Philippines
2. Language

3. Culture & Traditions

4. Back to America

5. Race & Neighborhoods
6. Now


Segment 1: Philippines (1:09)
Brian talks about his experience in the Philippines


                                                                                                                      Brian at his 3rd birthday in the Philippines



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Segment 2: Language (1:05)
Brian talks about learning a Filipino language




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Segment 3: Culture & Traditions (1:48)
Brian exemplifies some of the culture and traditions he learned while he was in the Philippines



One of the traditions in Brian’s family is to throw centabos, change, during New Years




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Segment 4: Back to America (1:53)
Brian shares his memories of going to his home country, the United States of America, and how his life changed after living in the Philippines for almost two years