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 Interview with Marisa de Castro Mariano


Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2011 interview by James Rodriguez with Marisa Mariano, who talks about her life in the United States.


Marisa de Castro Mariano

Table of Contents:



1. Introduction
2. Birth place and talks about living in the Philippines

3. Family’s Occupation

4. School in the Philippines

5. Family’s migration

6. The Big Adjustment

7. Life in the United States

8. Sacrifice

9. Homesickness

10. Maintain Filipino Customs, Language.

11. Difficulties to Maintain Filipino Culture

12. Different personalities between Filipino immigrants and Filipino Americans

13. Education equivalent to the United States

14. Discrimination

15. American Dream

16. Negative and Positive reactions

17. Memories about growing up in the Philippines








Segment 1
Marisa Mariano introduces to herself.




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Segment 2
Birth place and talks about living in the Philippines
Talks about where she was born and talks to me about when she lived in the Philippines.


Long Beach, CA                                      the Philippines



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Segment 3
Family’s Occupation
Marisa talks about her family’s occupation.