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Alex Li: A Chinese-American’s Story

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2009 interview by Alex Shively with Alex Li, who shares his family’s story with us.



Alex Li: a regular dude.


Table of Contents:
1. Background
2. Family History

3. Coming to America

4. Immigrant Communities

5. Finding Work

6. Culture

7. Assimilation

8. Final Thoughts


Segment 1
Alex Li introduces himself.


The Forbidden City: a place in China



Segment 2
Family History
Alex Shares with us his family background.


Segment 3
Coming to America
The Li family immigrates to the United States.




Segment 4
Immigrant Communities
Alex Discusses the importance of cultural enclaves.


A busy day in Chinatown


Segment 5
Finding Work
The struggle of adjusting to a new job-market.




Segment 6
Alex discusses cultural issues.




Segment 7
The question of assimilation and culture loss is explored.


Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century



Segment 8
Final Thoughts
What does the future have in store? Find out.







Image sources:

Forbidden City in Beijing, China:

Chinese Workers:

Chinatown, San Francisco:




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