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 Elder Dimdim

Click here to read to read the research essay, “Essay Title”, by Katreilla Viray

Click on the links below to hear audio segments from an April 2009 interview by Katreilla Viray with Elder Dimdim,
who came to the United States from the Philippines to serve as a missionary for Jesus Christ and will be returning to the Philippines in November of 2009.


Elder Dimdim



1.Why the United States?

2. Differences

3. P.I view on U.S

4. Difficult?

5. Family come here

6. Philippines or United States

7. Working in Philippines

8. Leaving/Coming back



Why the United States (0:24)

Why did you come to the United States? 


The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints





Table of Contents






Differences (1:06)

The differences between the two countries.


President of the U.S and president of the P.I




Table of Contents






P.I view on us (1:17)

How the P.I view the U.S

Filipinos looking at American flag





Table of Contents







Difficulties (0:18)

Difficulties in the Philippines


Difficult times in the Philippines





Table of Contents








Family want to come here? (0:42)

Does you family want to come here to the United States?






Table of Contents







Philippines Or United States (0:36)

Where would you rather live U.S or the P.I?


U.S and P.I flag





Table of Contents






Working in the Philippines (1:13)

Elder Dimdim talks about his carpentry work in the Philippines.

Carpentry work



Table of Contents




Leaving/Coming Back (0:36)

Where will Elder Dimdim perfer living in the U.S or P.I?

Leaving The States





Table of Contents











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